Amazing Chocolate Brownies



I made chocolate brownies the other day from a recipe I found on Cake in the Country’s fab blog. I did cheat a bit and only used 3 eggs instead of 4, drinking chocolate instead of cocoa and vanilla essence instead of extract (sorry Sarah I know it’s ‘illegal’ in any good kitchen but mine is a bad kitchen 😉 )


This was the chocolate and butter melting. I was bold after this part. Not only did I not sift the dry ingredients I also just threw them in with the melted mixture. Life’s too short and it saves on washing up!


This was the mixture ready to go into the oven. I think I had the oven too high (I keep forgetting it’s fan assisted) because the edges were a bit dry. Also I just used a loose bottomed (sounds like me!) cake tin. It’s a really easy recipe…

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