How To Dry Lettuce Leaves


Handy tips here for spinning salad leaves without a spinner – I almost got it right..but a few extra tips makes this great

The Chalk Hills Kitchen

No Salad Spinner? No Problem.

I don’t have a salad spinner. I don’t want a salad spinner. I don’t have room in my kitchen for a salad spinner. So what’s a girl who loves her salads to do? Do it free, do it fast, and do it the Misky way!

Misky Method: Rinse your lettuce leaves in very cold, icy water for 2-3 minutes. the water should be cold enough to shock the little darlings and cold enough to make your hands ache from the iciness. It will crisp the leaves up like you never thought possible. Drain them, cut or tear into pieces, and then lay them in a large tea towel.


Now roll the towel so the lettuce is in the middle of the roll, and the towel forms a sausage shape lengthwise.


Twist the ends closed, and now grab both ends of the towel with one hand…

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