Just had to reblog from the Hungry Hinny – they look so scrumptious!


I wasn’t planning on making brownies last weekend.

If I had been, I probably would have made one of the many recipes I have bookmarked with all kinds of exciting additions – coffee, peanut butter, cream cheese, mint, raspberries – the list goes on.

But as it happened, I decided that I needed brownies to make the battlements for my Rapunzel Castle, and laziness dictated that I would make them with ingredients I already had.

Without any chocolate on hand, I adapted the recipe I used for cinnamon blondies, which produced a nice fudgy result without any melted chocolate.

The results, without wanting to brag, were pretty much awesome.

The brownies were lovely and fudgy, with a crisp top, exactly how I like them. They were ever so slightly on the thin side, but perfect for the castle, and the extras went down very well with the pony.

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