This looks so good. I am willing my bananas to ripen fast so that i can try this recipe out – nice alternative to my usual plain old banana cake.


When I found myself with three over-ripe bananas last weekend, I wanted to do something a bit different to the usual banana breads or cakes; so I decided to attempt a banana version of sticky toffee pudding.

There was quite a lot of guesswork in making up the recipe, but I essentially swapped the dates in a sticky toffee pudding recipe given to me ages ago by a colleague with caramelised bananas – and it turned out great!

The cake itself would actually work really well as a plain banana cake as it had a nice amount of sweetness and quite a light texture, so I may well follow the same recipe next time I want to make a banana loaf.

The addition of the toffee sauce is what really makes this pudding an indulgence though – although be warned it is extremely rich, and I actually couldn’t finish a…

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