How divinely gorgeous are these muffin treats!


Is it just me, or is shopping for a newborn baby really hard?

I don’t have any younger family members and have always been pretty awful around children, so when it came to visiting my friends and their new baby for the first time I was a little daunted.

The advice other people gave me didn’t help either – don’t get toys, they’ll have loads already, don’t get newborn clothes, get 3/6/9 months clothes, but think about what time of year it will be when they get that old, etc etc…

Luckily, deciding what baked goods to take wasn’t anywhere near so tricky.

These muffins are quick and easy to make, transport well, suit both fruit and chocolate lovers, easy to eat while rushing around looking after baby and are nice and summery too – perfect!

The muffins went down well, and the baby gift I eventually decided on (tiger…

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  1. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I like giving a keepsake gift for a new baby-a china dish, cup or something similar. We received a special china cup and bowl when our daughter was born that she has kept for display and I still have a tiny silver fork given when I was born!

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