April Sunshine And Showers


I love the way the light is glistening on the raindrops on the spiderweb in this picture.

Bare branches silhouetted against the sky. 

I’ve looked up my guide to Burren plants and flowers but still can’t identify this particular one – there are 3 types that look very similar – anyone know what it is?


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  1. The burren is my most favorite place to visit in Ireland. The gardens at Burren Perfumery the best of all. Each trip I take is filled with photos just like yours. Thanks for reminding me of Irelands beauty, it will help me work harder to earn the money for trip number 12!

  2. What beauty! I’m so glad you’re enjoying a beautiful spring. I’ve been longing to go to Ireland lately… (And I’m no help identifying the flower either!)

    I always love the slightly-fuzzy stage of spring, where the leaves are just bud-bursting on the trees. But this spring, for the first time, I’ve also been enjoying the last of the bare branches, like you. I’ve been taking photos of views through the trees, aware that in a few weeks the leaves will obscure the view. Why has it taken me half a century to appreciate this?!

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