Dublin’s Doll Store and Teddy Bear Clinic Closes


Another little bit of my Dublin childhood will disappear this weekend with the closing of the historic doll store and teddy bear clinic today.

George’s Street, in which the shop was located, was the shopping street of choice for my mother, and we dutifully followed behind her like little ducks on Saturday morning expeditions.   Even today, I can’t walk down the street, without seeing the ghost of Cassidys and other long forgotten stores, in which we made our purchases, while my father waited for us further up the road supping  a pint and reading the paper in a pub which I think was called The Swan.

And for us as children,  no visit to town was complete without a peep inside the magical doll’s hospitals where children sent their dollies and teddies to be fixed. Hurrying down George’s Street on my way to Dame Street recently, I felt a sharp stab of bittersweet memories for my childhood (more acute lately since my mother died 2 months ago) when I passed the Doll’s Clinic. It was reassuring in that good to know some things don’t change way to see it still there, looking after another generation of dolls and teddies.

So, I was really sad to hear that after 74 years of mending the dolls and teddy bears of Ireland, The Doll Store’s owner Melissa Nolan has decided to shut up shop.

“Business is good but the accumulation of overheads – rent, insurance, rates – became too much. We have tightened our belts as much as possible so we had to come to this decision last year,” she said.

While it is sad for those of us with childhood memories of the magical George’s Street store, it is good to know that they will continue to trade online.

You can read Melissa’s statement about the closure here and if you are in the vicinity of George’s Street why not pop in for one last look around before the doors close later today.

Do you have any memories of this wonderful magical place where dolls and teddies were sent to be made better?


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