Crazy for Cinnamon Rolls …



Cinnamon Rolls have to be one of my all-time favourite treats. Honestly, it’s one of those foods that I have no “stop button” for; I can literally eat one after the next, after the next. My Obsession for them started when I lived in the States in 2004, I went through a period of withdrawal until “Cinnabon” opened up its doors in South Africa. It was only on going back to the states recently did I actually realise how SIMPLE they were to make at home, and how utterly delicious they make your kitchen smell! A little bit of prep is required, slip on your favourite stilettos and you’ll feel like an instant Nigella! Seriously, if you live in an apartment complex ALL of your neighbours will come visit 🙂




You’ll notice most of my recipes I blog about are generally Sweet Treats/ Desserts. This is because…

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    • Hi Donna thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂 The background is a montage taken from a pic of the beautiful countryside that surrounds me here

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