Driving through the Irish countryside on an autumn day


Rosses Point, Co Sligo

Driving home from Sligo to Clare today, I was struck once more by how beautiful the Irish countryside is at this time of year. After a grey, cool start to the day, and a walk on the beach at Rosses Point after breakfast –  a great way to clear the head after the night before – the sun began to shine as we left Sligo behind us, heading for Mayo.

I don’t know this part of the country all that well, so it’s great to discover another piece of Ireland, and see it through fresh eyes.  We veered off the road at Ballindrine towards Dunmore, on the Galway, Mayo, Roscomon border as hubby’s family originally came from here. We made a stop at Dunmore castle, built by the Norman de Berminghams, but originally a stronghold of the ancient O’Connor kings – my O’Connor husband likes to think he can trace his lineage this far back.

Dunmore Castle, Co Galway

We get so used to living in a place, that it’s easy to overlook the beauty of the landscape, and the sense of connection to a place and its  history, but I really felt that sense of connection today as we stood in the ruins of this ancient twelfth century castle, with only the resident birds nesting in its ivy clad walls to observe us.


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  1. I often feel like that too at so many times during the year, from golden fields dotted with straw bales to beautiful pictures of ruined castles like you have posted here. We do live in such a fabulous country so beautiful with being so green.

  2. You really are incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. You say it so casually, “Driving home from Sligo to Clare today…”! I think what you say about the connection to a place through its history is so true, especially if you really do have a genetic link. But being in a place that’s been meaningful to people for hundreds of years can be powerful to anyone who visits.

    Lovely to have a post from you! Hope you’re keeping well. x

    • Hi Christine – thank you for saying what I was feeling, but couldn’t seem to put the words to – I mean apart from how much my sense of rootedness to a place has increased since I moved to the country from the city, it’s true that I also felt a sense of connection to a place that has, as you say, been meaningful to people for hundreds of years.

  3. So this is your other blog! It’s lovely! I like the line, “We get so used to living in a place that it’s easy to overlook the beauty of the landscape.” So true. And the landscape there does indeed look lovely.

  4. You do live in a very beautiful part of the world, in fact my favourite. I was lucky enough to visit 2 years ago and although I have visited a lot of lovely places around the World, Ireland was the best, just Grand. Its true when you live in a place you take so much for granted so its nice to take a moment or two to take stock. Thank you for sharing

  5. Dear Marie, I just wanted to wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas, and all the best for 2012 when it comes! Christine x

    • Thank you so much Christine – I haven’t been blogging on here much as my beloved mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and died end November – all my blogging efforts going on at my other blog for now


      Hope you will connect with me there. Wishing you all the best for the new year. Marie

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