Hydrangeas..love or loathe?


Madonna not impressed with hydrangea gift from fan

Apparently an eager fan presented Madonna with a floral gift of hydrangea at a Venice Film Festival press conference for her new film W.E. While the  singer and actress gracefully accepted the flowers, she turned to the person beside her voicing her disgust at them.

‘I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.’ she was heard saying when the press conference microphone was left on.

I don’t share Madonna’s loathing for hydrangea. I love the mixture of overblown purple mopheads and delicate white lacecaps which bloom in my own garden.

The flowers are great for cutting and very easy to arrange in vases. There is something reassuringly old-fashioned about hydrangea, so I like to arrange mine in a country vase or a vintage bowl, but they also look great arranged in a group in a clear glass vase and stunning mixed with white roses and green foliage. Now tell me what’s not to love Madonna??


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  1. I think they are beautiful. My first impression of them, from years ago, was that they were old fashioned and reminiscent of grandmas, since I saw them much more in art and fashion from previous generations. When I finally started seeing them in person, however, I was able to understand how people found them so captivating. The same is true for all blossoms now — I’m a sucker for taking flower photography! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment…I find the old-fashoned grandma’s garden association wonderfully reassuring and timeless – and that’s part of the appeal to me…guess, Madonna just doesn’t get that 😉

  2. I love them. I am always sad when I gather the last bunch at the end of summer.
    Love your blog btw. More CountryWife stories I say!
    PS – where are you in Clare? Surely we could rendezvous for tea sometime?

  3. The picture of them in the blue jug is lovely. a neighbour of mine has them in her garden – both colours which I believe to be unusual as doesn’t the colour depend on the soil?

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