Throw and Grow


Throw and Grow with these Flower Grenades

So I’ve heard of love bombing, but seed bombing is  a new one on me and I am really taken with the concept of flower grenades which I’ve only just come across.

I admit I hadn’t heard about this growing movement of guerilla gardening before now, but I just love the idea encapsulated in Tony Minh Nguyen’s original description of a 2008 project he called the Bio-Grenade:

Instead of the grenade form leaving a detrimental impact it disperses life

The basic idea is that you lob  “seed bombs” in empty urban waste ground and let nature do the rest.  Seed grenades were first used by the Green Guerillas in the USA in the 1970s to introduce explosions of wildflowers into the concrete jungle of New York.

So if you fancy a bit of throw and grow therapy, check out Designist in Dublin, stockists of flower grenades. You can also buy online from their store or for UK readers, check out Suck UK for more information.


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  1. Heard of these few weeks ago – a transition year teacher on mooney show described how he makes them with the class and what a blast they have bombing them and seeing the results bloom! I think it’s a great idea – mind you people with very manicured gardens might not appreciate getting bombed with unruly “weeds” even by mistake!

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