The Internet?!


Someone sent me this clip of the Today Show from 1994 with presenters Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric puzzling over what this Internet is all about. Oh how far we’ve come, I was going to say in a few short years, because for me 1994 doesn’t seem all that long ago, but can you believe it’s 17 years ago now?!


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  1. That’s fascinating! We’ve just acquired a new computer. Over the last few days we’ve had moments of puzzling over various aspects of setting it up, but overall (fingers crossed) it’s gone well. And I was thinking, “isn’t it amazing how much I’ve learned about computers and the internet!” I was remembering that in 1992, when we first moved to Aberdeen, we used to go to the University Computer Centre to use e-mail from our work e-mail accounts, which was a very new thing. There were about two rooms of computers, and we were often nearly alone in the evenings. We thought it was amazing that we could be in touch with family and friends in less than a week!

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