It’s snow go for us this Christmas


A snowy scene in Dublin

The turkey and ham have been ordered. The tree is in place. The presents have arrived via mail order. The firewood is stacked in the shed. Yes, we are all set for Christmas. Except for one minor detail. Christmas is waiting for us in Clare. And we are trapped in Dublin. The snow that hit Dublin on Monday, the snow that was predicted to be gone by Wednesday is going nowhere, and neither are we.


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  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that! I was thinking about you while looking at the BBC’s very light-blue map of Ireland, indicating deep freeze. There are so many people struggling to get home for Christmas just now. I hope that, wherever you are, the day brings you some happy surprises and that you’ll soon be able to celebrate as planned, even if a bit late. Take good care!

  2. That is SO disappointing!! I hope you can get home sooner than Weds. Because we hate feeling rushed at Christmas- but every year are a bit as we travel to Dublin (except this year) -last year we decided that our personal Christmas would be on Stephen’s Day, so that we could enjoy the 25th without feeling rushed/not wanting our cozy home for longish journey. It extended our Christmas, & was quite nice! Here’s hoping you can enjoy an ‘extended’ -tho’ unplanned!- Christmas, too; one in Dublin , & then your own homestyle one in Clare. C’mon the thaw for Sunday!! Happy Christmas; when & whereever!

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