In bath with cucumber


I love to read some of the weird and wonderful ways people find my blog. One of the strangest recently: “pictures of people in a bath with cucumber”  (!)

I have searched my blog but no, there are definitely no images of people in a bath either with or without a cucumber. So I have no idea what directed Google to sent the searcher here.  Being a bit of a curious researcher, I decided to google it myself, and not one image could I find of a person in a bath with a cucumber. But then, maybe I was looking in the wrong places..

Has a search engine sent anyone to your own blog via a strange search term? Am curious to find out.


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  1. Oh yes, I have had some hilarious ones, ‘penis vase’ being one!
    Going to go off and Google myself again, I need a laugh.
    Delightful to discover your blog 🙂

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