The Cook Book Club


Chef Paul Flynn, The Tannery, with Cook Book Club founder, Elaine Walsh.

Now here’s a novel idea. A cookbook club.  Like an ordinary book club, readers and fans of the author come together to discuss a chosen book, usually in each other’s homes. Except, this book club is a cookbook club in a restaurant and the chef author is in attendance. A menu from the cookbook is adapted by the restaurant’s in-house chef.

The Cookbook Club kicks off on September 6th, 2010 in Dublin’s Town Bar and Grill with chef Paul Flynn of The Tannery Restaurant, Dungarvan, Co Waterford. On the night there will be a short public interview with Paul and then the diners turn interviewers for the evening as Paul visits every table. 

I think it’s a very interesting concept and I am planning on being there on September 6th. The cookbook clue will be held on the first Monday of every month thereafter and if you are interested, check out for more details.


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  2. It’s Elaine here of the cookbook club! I’m delighted you like the idea, I’ve posted your diary to my blog too. That is very kind of you to notice my little business, well, it could be a big business judging by the amount of people out there who love cookbooks too. I’m from West Clare, a small village, and a small farm! I love homemade bread and apple jelly, cheese from up the road and our own eggs and veg, meat too, and game at certain times of the year. And dining out is so lovely when with others who share the same passions and interests. It might be slightly ironic to go to a restaurant to learn how to hold your own dinner party at home but why not! Paul Flynn will be advising on what your sigature dishes could be if you can cook beef really well or maybe you want to have a really good vegetarian option or are recovering from illness – what’ll sustain you. So how it goes is based on the people there and their needs, all being different. I would love to meet you there, it would be my absolute pleasure, and for you to reveiw it afterwards too, it’s a new business idea and I would love the advice, I’d welcome that with open arms, Elaine Walsh

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