On my windowsill…


I have fallen in love with the colour of these hydrangeas, vases of which I have placed in every room of the house.  I was used to the pink coloured variety in my mother’s and her neighbours’ gardens in Dublin, so this gorgeous purple colour is a real novelty in my Co Clare garden. The amethyst mophead hyrdangea is common in these parts, but no less beautiful for that. I am fascinated by the colour because last year I am sure it was more blue than purple, and so I did some research and sure enough it does have the ability to change colour, depending on weather conditions and the health of the plant.

Now my next step is to root some cuttings…anyone got any suggestions for a novice gardener?


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  1. Your hydrangeas are lovely, Marie. The ph of the soil has something to do with the color too. We used them in the flower arrangements at our daughter’s wedding two years ago..they also dry nicely too.

  2. lovely photo! You can do soft cuttings- best in June- or ones from the hardwood later in the year- Autumn/winter. Hormone rooting powder probably wouldn’t go amiss, & no harm in trying some cuttings now, too; nothing to lose, really. Just see if you can find some nice non-flowering shoots & have a go. Good luck!

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