Bloggers Day Out


Scanning through my favourite blogs this morning, I see that many of the blogesses have already written their posts on yesterday’s bloggers lunch in Jim’s Kitchen, Portlaoise. That leaves me with very little I can add to this post, but sure, I’ll give it a go anyway.

Nine of us met up, some of us had met before, but not all of us. We came from almost the four corners of  North, East, and South West of Ireland, from different walks of life, all with different stories and different lives, but yet connected by the blogosphere. I can’t think of any other way that we would all have been sitting at that table in Jim’s Kitchen without the internet. Grannymar gave a great account of where the talk roamed from…”food & drink, cooking, baking & crafting, books & book clubs, keeping chickens & the problems with foxes, the weather and eating outdoors.  Then there were holidays and honeymoons, arranging weddings, and travel. We touched on health before moving on to our common link of Blogs, blogging, blogging platforms and all things techie..” Yes, we sure did cover a lot of ground!

I wrote earlier this year of a discussion I had with Lorna, when I met her in real life for the first time, after months of developing an online friendship. At the time,  Lorna mentioned that she had noticed a post on a blog which pointed with dismay to a “new blogger phenomenon – blogger meets”. One of the comments made after the post was “Isn’t part of the point of blogging that you can’t \ don’t \won’t meet in person? ”  Well, I have to admit that this comment surprised me. Obviously you “meet” many people online and a lot of these you only meet once, maybe twice, but sometimes you really click with someone and find you have lots in common. So you start to read their blog regularly, learn more about them, maybe graduate to talking to them more by email or on Facebook or Twitter. And if you find that you live in the same locality or there is an opportunity to meet for a coffee, well wouldn’t the natural next step in your friendship be to do so?

I am very glad of the friendships that I have taken from on to off-line and looking around the table at Jim’s Kitchen yesterday, I don’t think I am alone in that. Here’s to many more bloggers meet-ups in the future and if anyone is reading this and is interested in meeting up in the future, please do consider joining us. You will find a friendly, warm, supportive group who would love to meet you too.


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  1. Marie, I so agree with what you’ve said above. Great to meet up yesterday.

    Talking must be a tiring actvity though – I was exhausted last time by the time I got home 🙂

  2. The meet-up sounds wonderful. I think the chance to meet interesting, communicative people you may never have met otherwise is a great benefit of blogging- or I hope it is, as I’ve only just started! I also hope that as I get better in my blogging, I will virtually meet lots of you, and then maybe meet some of you in the real world as well!

  3. Absolutely Susan – it has certainly enriched my social life – especially as I moved from the city to the country and have found it hard to meet people – blogging has changed all that.

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