Natural relief for hayfever


I really enjoyed the sunshine last week, which seems like a distant memory already, as I look out on grey skies this morning. What I didn’t enjoy however was the awful hay fever I experienced, so I was intrigued watching ethnobotanist, James Wong, last night on TV making a nettle tea for the relief of hay fever. It seemed to do the trick for two hay fever sufferers who were asked to try it.

While I love the idea of natural remedies and James makes it look so easy to make them, they still look quite fiddly to me. Still I am tempted to try this tea, especially as nettles are in abundance in the hedgerows beside my home. I wonder if I can just substitute the chamomile leaves from regular chamomile tea-bags instead of the leaves he uses? James says you need to drink this tea three times a day, and to start early in the hay fever season.  Here is the recipe from last night’s show for anyone else who is interested.

2-3 tbsp fresh nettles, or 1-2 tbsp dried
4 tsp fresh German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) or 2 tsp dried
1 tsp locally produced honey, to taste

1. Wash the fresh nettles well, then chop roughly with a large knife. Put the nettles, stalks and all, and chamomile into a glass teapot. Pour boiling water over and leave to steep for 5 minutes – this will also take the sting out of the nettles.

2. Strain into a tea cup and serve, adding 1 teaspoon of local honey, or to taste. This makes a pot equivalent to 3 cups.



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  1. I wonder if I could sell my nettles? 😉

    I have tasted nettle wine, heard of nettle soup but not as yet the nettle tea.

    I know you can replace spinach with YOUNG nettle leaves in an recipe!

    • Well Grannymar, would you consider selling the tea? I am wondering if it is worth all the trouble to make it..although if I get in the right frame of mind, I might just do it. Will let you know how I got on if I do.

  2. I’m afraid it does seem like rather a lot of trouble, but I would be interested to hear if it works let us know if you decide to try it!

  3. I brought some Clipper organic nettle teabags and have been drinking that with some dried chamomile my friend gave me, and honey. My hayfever doesn’t seem to be affecting me yet, but I can’t say whether that’s because of the tea or if it just hasn’t started for me yet

  4. That is just a terrific tip Debbie.much easier to do than gaterhing and boiling nettles – thank you so much!

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