Snapshots in time


The National Library of Ireland this week launched its enhanced online service, which has 34,000 photographs recording almost 100 years of Irish history. The above is one of those images – a group of people on a rural road in Bundoran, taken ca 1890-1910. It is fascinating to see the woman and child in the foreground, the woman so dark-skinned, the pretty little girl carrying her bucket and spade; and the group of well dressed men and women in the background. I could look at old photographs like these for hours, wondering at the lives of the those pictured.  As a child, I used to spend whole rainy afternoons, delving into an old trunk in my grandparents house in the country, poring over old faded snapshots of long dead relatives, my imagination all fired up.

So if you share my fascination with these snapshots in time, you can check out more photographs of Ireland, all relating to the period 1860 to 1954, online at

Happy viewing!


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  1. I’ve been examing the photo above for the past 10 mins…like you, I find it fascinating, trying to imagine the lives behind the image.

  2. I was looking at them the other day. Fascinating study of social and fashion history through the past. I will go back again in a few weeks time and pick a different folder to browse. Great idea.

  3. Thanks a mill for letting me know this and for the link. I did my Masters on Irish women’s history and am fascinated by photos of women from years ago in all realms of life. Oh, for a quiet hour later 🙂

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