I’ve seen the future…and it’s toast


The Magimix Vision Toaster

 Yes, yes, I realise the irony of posting on domestic appliances after yesterday’s post on whatever happened to feminism, but as a post-modern feminist, I am going to go ahead and do it anyway!

So tell me, is this what the world’s  been waiting for? Presening the first see-through toaster! The result of fifteen years of research and design, the new Magimix Vision Toaster uses revolutionary long-lasting quartz heating elements to perfectly toast bread and lets you watch its progress through the double insulated clear glass. So what took them so long? Well, engineers had to find a way to cook the bread in the toaster without using traditional metal elements which obscured the bread. Magimix solved the problem by tucking away in the corners of the toaster, the hidden quartz parts which replace the traditional metal components, getting them out of the way for a clear panorama of the toast, and also heating more evenly.

 The Romans popularised the idea of toast across Europe – the word toast comes from the Latin word tostum and means scorch or burn, which is an apt description of toast in our house on busy mornings. It wasn’t until 1926, that the world got its first automatic electric toaster, the Toastmaster, and there things have pretty much stayed traditional until now.

 The Vision Toaster is currently being sold exclusively by John Lewis stores in Oxford Street, Brent Cross, Kingston, Sloane Square and Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, but at £160 a pop, I will take my chances with my old toaster for now.


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  1. That’s cool. We just swapped our conventional toaster for a Tefal toast ‘n’ grill……it’s like a mini table top grill it’s much cheaper then the vision toaster and I can see the bread toasting too….sad life I have 😉

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