Celebrating World Book Day


Today is World Book Day, a day set aside to promote literacy.  I have always loved books and the repositories of books – book-stores both new and second-hand,  libraries, jumble sales, charity shops-all places I can never pass by without checking out what books are on the shelves. One of my most favourite things to do when I visit the US, is to find the nearest book-store and settle in for the evening with a cup of coffee and an armful of books, taking my time choosing what I will buy. It’s the same with airport bookshops – I never mind a delay at an airport, so long as there is a bookstore to browse. And libraries –  I love libraries. In fact in a former life, I worked as a trainee librarian. Libraries are wonderful places, with a distinctive smell all their own, which I love.  

While I buy a lot of my books on Amazon these days, there is still nothing to replace the thrill of wandering into a bookstore and surveying row upon row of inviting books. I was really upset at the news last week that Hughes and Hughes are to close, and although rising rents are cited as the cause of their closure, I suspect the fact that we are buying books cheaper online must play a part too. I really don’t like the thought that some day in the not so distant future, we may be looking at the closure of book stores, even though I am one of those who choose to buy online!


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  1. Like you, I adore bookstores especially those in the US. It is a shame to see Hughes and Hughes close – as they recreated for me the nearest experience in Ireland to those stores state-side where you can sit, drink coffee and browse to your hearts content for hours.

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