The secret to perfect roast potatoes


Sunday roast wouldn’t be the same without crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, roast potatoes. In trying to perfect mine I’ve tried out lots of different methods from different chefs.

The first secret I know is in choosing the right type of potato – nice floury ones. I always par-boil them; although I saw Irish chef, Richard Corrigan on TV over Christmas, who said that’s nonsense – no need to par-boil. So I tried putting them straight in, but I wasn’t happy with the results –  so back to par-boiling for my roasties.

Secondly, when parboiled, I give them a Jamie Oliver type vigorous shaking in the pan with the lid on.  I sometimes coat them, a la Nigella, in semolina to get a crusty skin. I then place them in a sizzling hot pan of oil and cross my fingers that I will get the desired result of perfect roast potatoes.

So, I thought I’d pose the question here, what do you think is the secret to great roast potatoes? What methods do you use? Any other tips to share?


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