A new vision thanks to a dragon


Me, Sean Gallagher, Lorna at the Life Lasting Success event

So last weekend this country wife took herself to the city to attend the Life Lasting Success event at Morans Red Cow Hotel in Dublin.  I blagged a free ticket so my expectations weren’t high and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But it was an opportunity for me to finally meet up with Lorna of Garendenny Lane Interiors.

What I wasn’t expecting was to be so moved by Sean Gallagher’s presentation. Sean, one of RTE’s “dragons” from the Dragon’s Den TV show, gave an inspirational talk on how much can be achieved through sheer determination and believing in yourself. He spoke passionately about his belief that success is available to anyone who chooses it and works at it – “if you dream it, you can become it”. Sean outlined the steps required for achieving success in business. He spoke cogently of clarifing core values, setting clear and measurable goals, developing an action plan to achieve those goals and staying focussed on your top priorities.

But it was Sean’s personal story of determination that really inspired me. In amongst all the goal and target talk, I was most moved by his telling us that he is partially sighted, and this has engendered in him a true sense of gratitude for what the can see, perhaps more so than many of us who are blessed with full sight. It is clear that Sean’s vision goes much deeper and wider than what is visible to the eye. A Schopenhauer quote springs to mind “everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world” and after listening to Sean Gallagher speak, my eyes were opened to fresh possibilities and wider horizons.


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  1. He really is brilliant, I only watch Dragon’s Den etc occasionally but was very impressed by a short talk he gave at the launch of the Laois Business network recently but his talk yesterday blew me away – so inspirational and motivational – brilliant

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