Fancy a polka dot aga?


Emma Bridgewater’s Polka Dot Aga

Being a country wife I have of course a deep longing for an aga in the kitchen – how could I call my kitchen a country kitchen without one! Alas, it remains a fantasy and will do for some time. Reading Garrendenny’s blog this week, my aga fantasy was taken up a notich with some totally fantastical celeb-designed limited edition agas.

Natasha Hamilton’s Cupcake Design

I’m in agreement with Lorna who writes”call me boring but I’m not overly keen on any of these designs and at over €10,000 a pop, I think I’d be choosing one of the classic colours”.

If my fantasy ever became a reality, I wouldn’t be going for these designs, although there is something about Emma Bridgewater’s polka dot design which would lift the spirits of a dull winter’s morning.

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  1. The polka dot won the vote on my blog and on facebook too. I love the polka dot in the crockery and it’s a fab teapot for example but I feel an Aga is for life, not just for Xmas!! and I’d get bored with it after a couple of years and want a change. As Brid said on my blog, I’d love to see it in someone’s kitchen (any takers??)

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