Way to show off those curves Christina


Chris Pizzello/AP


Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks with Christian Siriano ruffles and a train pictured at this week’s Golden Globes awards. Resisting the temptation to reference Jessica Rabbit and errr…her golden globes, I thought. of all the peach and nude shades on the red carpet she carried off the trend the best. 

Good news too for those of us who are more curvacious. This week it was reported that people with fat in their thighs and backsides may live longer because the fat traps harmful fatty particles and actively secretes helpful compounds. Many studies have shown that people who accumulate fat around the abdomen and stomach are more likely to die of heart disease and other causes than bottom-heavy people, although the reasons are not clear why this is so.


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  1. She looks gorgeous!!
    Finally, my thighs and big butt are good for something!! 🙂
    “I like big butts and I can not lie” … My big fat rump will keep me alive…. unlike those with little tiny thighs!. LOL!


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