Now that the snow is gone…


Now that the snow which transformed the country at the start of the New Year is but a distant memory, time for a little reflection…

I loved the latest snowfall! I could enjoy the snow with all the pleasure of a child freed from school and responsibilities. This is not always the case – usually after the first day or so, it starts to become a real pain and inconvenience, but this time was different. The cupboards were stocked with essentials, work was inaccessible, the firewood was stacked high, and all that was left to do was  wrap up warm and go for long magical walks during the day and light roaring fires in the evenings.

And those walks through a landscape transformed overnight into a Narnian world were truly magical.   Surrounded by silence and stillness; the sound only broken by the percussion of pristine snow crunching beneath my feet, I felt a connection to something wonderful and miraculous.  Yes, there is something mystical about snow, when you are are released by obligation and duties to truly enjoy its magic.


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