In praise of…Irish country gates


I have a fascination with the farm gates that decorate the Irish countryside. Mostly, you find those unbiqutous mass-produced, six-bar,  steel gates invariably painted red, though faded to a dull russet now; but occasionally you still find the odd, hand-crafted iron ones like the one above. 

 The newer gates were for climbing over or using as a vantage point to survey our childhood kingdoms or playing look-out. Many a fall and tumble happened from this here, one or two requiring stitches, but still we climbed them. Even now, I get that impulse to climb over those gates when I pass them…

I photographed the gate pictured above last week in the snow and there is something rather poignant about it, overgrown with moss and sunken into the earth  which makes me think of the passing of time and old ways.


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  1. Nice (gate) post. My family farm has 2 old heavy gates which are standing the test of time. We have restored one, complete with granite pillars, stone wall and style. I will get a photo of it uploaded next week. 🙂

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