In praise of…feeding birds


I tried and failed to take my own picture of the little robins feeding on the food I am leaving out for them. I even lay on my front on the floor just in front of the patio doors with my camera poised, but the little birds were too quick for me. So I had to make do with this picture caught by a more expert photographer.

Have you noticed how in the recent snow and big freeze, they have become incredibly tame, in their ever desperate search for food? I’ve been putting bread out daily since the snow first covered the ground before Christmas.  I’ve been rewarded with the sight of robins, blue tits, chaffinches, sparrows, and thrushes. Experts recommend also leaving out sunflower seeds or peanuts, plus millet for smaller birds – but not wheat or barley grains, which only encourage pigeons, less in need of help and more likely to bully their threatened smaller rivals. Bits of bacon rind are bad apparently. And if you are also feeding the birds like me, don’t forget to keep up the habit now that the thaw has finally set in.


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  1. Pretty birdie pic 🙂 I have noticed that the birds are becoming more daring.
    I have found several sitting on my fence while my dogs are out in the yard. Usually they fly off when they see the dogs. I guess they are making their presence known so that I don’t forget to place more food out for them. For this, I will put a bit
    more for them sans the bacon rind 🙂

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