Walking in a winter wonderland…


My heart soared this morning as I pulled back the curtains to reveal a magical winter wonderland scene outside the window. Although it hadn’t snowed a huge amount, it was perfect for pulling on the boots, hat and scarf and heading out for a walk. The sprinkling of snow glistened under a clear blue sky as I watched little red-breasted robins hopping from tree to tree. The trees with their dusting of snowy icing, silhouted against the sky looked magnificent. And all was still and quiet, except for the crunch of the crispy frost under foot.  It really was a magical winter wonderland this morning, a scene from a Christmas greeting card, and while part of me said I should have been heading to the shops early to pick up the last of the Christmas shopping, the better part of me said, this morning’s walk was a pricless gift, unavailable for purchase anywhere. Sometimes, life’s greatest treasures really are free.


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  1. Now that the snow is but a distant memory at this stage where I live, I really enjoyed recapturing those few magical days it was with us by reading your post.

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