Granny up for sale on ebay



Did you hear the one about the 10 year old who put her  “moaning” granny up for sale on eBay – and was offered £20,000.

Zoe Pemberton received dozens of bids for Marian Goodall, 61, whom she described as being “rare and annoying and moaning a lot” but also “very cuddly and loves word searches”.  The schoolgirl was was sitting down watching TV and she was annoyed by her gran asking her to do things like make her a drink. I was on the laptop and suddenly thought I’d put her on eBay.”

Widow Marian, who is registered disabled because of back trouble, said: “I went along with it.” Zoe’s dad, Thomas, 31, said: “We had loads of inquiries asking if mum comes with a guarantee or an MoT.”

He added that the pair “love each other” and Zoe was trying to cheer her gran up when she returned home “down in the dumps” after hospital treatment on a hurt knee.

The auction was due to close on Friday but eBay ended it because it broke human trafficking laws.


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