Happy Arthur’s Day

Arthur  Guinness

Arthur Guinness

So what’s all this Arthur’s Day all about then?

Arthur Guinness is the man who created Guinness and, today at 17.59 local time, the whole world will celebrate the 250th anniversary of Arthur signing the 9,000 year lease on the St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, in 1759. Thousands of people across Ireland are expected to come together to experience live music events in over 33 venues across Dublin, ranging from intimate gigs in 28 Dublin pubs, to four other music venues, and a concert at the St. James’s Gate brewery itself.


So where will you be at 17:59 on September 24th? People all around the island of Ireland will take part in this once in a lifetime moment and raise a GUINNESS to Arthur and toast the Arthur Guinness Fund. Arthur Guinness and his family were responsible for some of the most well known acts of philanthropy in Ireland and to honour and continue this legacy the firm is establishing the Arthur Guinness Fund. The aim of the Fund is to enable and empower individuals with skills and opportunities to deliver a measured benefit to their communities. Guinness & Co. will donate €6 million to the Arthur Guinness Fund which will be active from the end of September 2009.

 For more information on the Guinness 250 celebrations visit www.guinness.com



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