Scenes from an autumn day


 Sept 09 Killaloe 026

One of the wonderful things about living in the country for me is that I find myself becoming more and more mindful of my surroundings, in a way that I don’t seem to do in the city.

When I am in the city, I usually rush around getting things done, but here, I really slow down and stop and observe what is happening in nature. Like today, I stood for ages just watching the sunlight glinting on the water, glancing off the coloured leaves that floated onto the rocks in the local river.

I took some photographs with my digital camera and when I looked at them on the screen, the scene looked almost like an impressionist painting. The leaves floating in the water looked a little like monet’s water lilys to me.

This time of year is particularly beautiful, once I get over the initial sadness I feel at the passing of the summer, I really start to get into the season.  Nature looks like a beautiful canvas of colours and impressions and while my camera is just an ordinary canon digital, and my skill as a photographer is somewhat limited,  I am attempting to capture some of that on my walks this week.


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  1. Lovely. I saw the first few really red leaves having fallen amongst my lettuce this morn and wondered for a moment what it was. Once I accept autumn is coming, I love it.

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