Can you identify this flower?


Sept 09 Killaloe 034

I came across this little wild flower on my walk today. It looks so beautiful and delicate, but I don’t know its name. My digital camera doesn’t appear to be made for such delicacy, this is the best shot I managed to take, but hopefully someone will recognise it and tell me what this flower is called. So, if you know..answers on a postcard please..or just leave a comment here. Thanks!


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  1. I believe that is a wild Blue Violet. I painted them on a watercolour once. I spent three days in Inishmor painting during the day and chatting to the locals at night time. I believe there’s more than 30 types of wild flowers in the Aran Islands.
    I’m just happy that my sister finally got them watercolours framed and hanging in her house.

  2. Hi — it looks as if pulling back just a few inches would have brought the flowers into focus. Fuzzy, it’s hard to tell details well enough to ID it, especially the number of petals.

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