Experimenting with Julie and Julia


avoca salads

My new online friend Lily has decided to do her own version of Julie and Julia, Irish style. Instead of trying out the  524 complex French recipes of Julia Childs in 365 days that  Julie Powell attempted, Lily will attempt the 44 salad recipes of the Avoca Salads cookbook.

Her first experiment was Coronation Chicken with Tabbouleh and it looks and sounds like it has been a resounding success. It certainly made my mouth water looking at the pics.  Lily goes in to a lot of detail on what worked and didn’t work in this recipe and I would really recommend you check it out.

I am really looking forward to following Lily’s experiment and if you are interested, keep an eye on her always entertaining blog for more info.


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  1. Thanks for your nice post! I’m actually enjoying the experiment, because I’ve started expanding from what I’d normally cook. I think we all get locked into cooking the same recipes, so it’s a great way of forcing me to try out other recipes.

    Because 1) there are so few recipes in the book, 2) I’m only talking about salads, 3) they are so good for you, and 4) we love salads, it seems like a manageable challenge.

    How Julie did what she did, beats me. Coming home late to cook complex recipes!

  2. Well – this movie has definitely spurred many of us on to try new recipe challenges – like you I will not be cooking all of the recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking but instead setting myself various other challenges of meals I want to learn and master. Avoca salads is a great mission! Mine, so far, are making a killer pavlova and learning to make pates and terrines – there are also a few more like making gnocchi and yes, I do think I want to master Julia’s famous Boeuf Bourginon especially with the chilly nights arriving.
    Best of luck!

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