What’s in your handbag?



I have only recently discovered the delights of the Kildare Village shopping outlet. I discovered it on one of our recent sunny days and as I meandered along in the sunshine eating an ice-cream, I felt like I could be anywhere in the world, and not just off the M7 Limerick to Dublin route I take each week.  I didn’t buy anything more than a coffee from Dunne and Crescenzi, which I sipped in the sunshine, while people watching, but there are some genuine bargains to be had in the designer outlets. However, if you want to keep your hard earned cash in your pocket, you could always trying entering their competition to win a shopping spree worth €1,000 at the Village.

Just by registering you’ll receive a VIP Day Card entitling you to receive an additional 10% off your purchases at Kildare Village.

There are 3 ways to take part in What’s in your Handbag?

  1. By uploading a photo of your handbag and its contents,
  2. By voting on a handbag entry,
  3. By leaving a comment.

By uploading a photo of your handbag and its contents for all to view you’ll be in with a chance to win the €1,000 shoppnig spree and one of our fabulous weekly prizes. You could also get chosen for free Handbag Therapy from Debbie Percy.

To win, simply register and upload your photo and then encourage your friends and family to vote for your entry. The five entries with the most votes when the competition ends on 14 September 2009 will be in with a chance to win the €1,000 shopping spree. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family that they too will receive an additional 10% off their purchases just for voting on your entry, so you can all come shopping in Kildare Village together.

But hurry, because the competition closes tomorrow, 14 September 2009.



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  1. We have a couple of Outlet shopping areas now in Northern Ireland.

    Pity I don’t carry a handbag any more or I would enter that competition. Would the contents of the pockets in my cargo pants do instead, I wonder?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and telling me about Ivy Bean.

    • Just pretend you carry a handbag…perhaps? And if you don’t win shopping spree, you may get a “free handbag therapy” evaluation 🙂

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