Meet my new friend Ivy Bean


Ivy Bean, the world's oldest social networker

Let me introduce you to Ivy Bean, my newest oldest online friend. Today she celebrates her 104th birthday. Two years ago, at 102 years old she joined the social networking revolution and become the oldest person on Facebook and Twitter. The former mill worker, who was born in Bradford in 1905, showed an interest in Facebook, after hearing care workers at her home talk about the phenomenon.

She joined Twitter less than 4 months ago and has 30289 followers to date and that number is growing every day. Reading Ivy’s tweets puts a spring in my step and gladdens my heart. In these days of doom and gloom, we all need a bit of Ivy’s spirit. She has lived through two world wars, the deaths of close family and friends and all the attendant aches and pains of old age, but she’s still here, her enjoyment and interest in life unabated. Just look at some of what she had to say this morning on the occasion of her birthday:


ive just done a interview over the phone with sky news and i have another one booked at 10.15

PARTY PARTY PARTY this afternoon hillside have got a singer coming in for my party its very good of them i love living here

And just look at this picture of Ivy showing off her gold medal at Bradford over 75s Olympics.   ivyIsn’t it a wonderful picture – a wonderful inspiration to us all.  After seeing this picture and reading this story no-one should say they are too old to try anything new.

And what a beautiful face  – no botox, no face-lift, no fillers, but a face that has seen sorrows and joys and is still beautiful. In fact, looking at pictures online of Ivy in her younger days, I would say she grew more beautiful with age.

I hope that I will always have a spirit like Ivy and on this day I join with all her many friends in wishing her a very happy birthday and celebrating the life of this wonderful lady.

Happy Birthday Ivy Bean!


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  1. This is a truly inspirational story, and a great way to start the day. I am following Ivy Bean on Twitter, as soon as I sign-off from here…Happy Birthday, Ivy! Your joy de vivre and strength of character are an example to us all.

    Thank you @JBBC for sharing Ivy’s story here..I love this blog; it reminds me of a book I read called, “Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping” (by Miriam Luken, Warner Books, Inc. 2003), which is really a life scrapbook, including recipes, homekeeping notes, quotations, and reflections on life, and is in the tradition of journal-keeping, from an earlier time.

    I’m sure to be a repeat visitor here…

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