Look who’s making a come-back

Image: Rex Features

Image: Rex Features

Another weekend, another eighties pop band announce a comeback. This time it’s Bananarama. Looking at the photos of the girls now has really brought back memories of leg warmers, batwing sleeves, bright pink lipstick, oversized plastic white hoop earings with matching stilettos, big, big hair embellished with day glo scarves…the list goes on.

Banarama’s ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting’ provided some of the sound track to those happy days. The original line-up was Keren, Sarah and Siobhan. Siobhan left the group to form Shakespear’s Sister and I gather from what I read that she is not part of the reunion.

I hadn’t know that Keren’s partner of the past 20 years is Andrew Ridgely of Wham! fame, who is still good friends with George Michael. In fact, Keren and Andrew, Sara and her partner spent last Christmas at George’s place in the country. ‘It was just like the “Last Christmas” video, come to think of it,’ said Keren in a Daily Mail interview.

Ah..nostalgia..don’t you just love it!


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