I found my wife’s diary…


diaryLooking through the search terms that others have  used recently to get to my diary of a country wife blog , I came across “i found my wife’s diary” and I am now very intrigued as to what the searcher could be looking for? What did he find when he read his wife’s diary? An affair perhaps? Most likely scenario judging by the quick google search I conducted a few minutes ago:

Perhaps it’s nothing as startling as an affair that the husband will find, but something more mundane like a litany of complaints against him – like the husband who “started to read my wifes diary once….I never knew there were so many adjectives for a freakin moron….and that was just the 1st page….never went near it after that”.

Another poses the question on a message board of whether he should read his wife’s diary or not, using the justification that ” When we took our vows, I believe we “became one”….and thus I would technically be reading what I took part in writing….in the eyes of God…”

One of the answers recommends that “the wife shouldn’t have one in her home. If she has secrets, she should lock them in her heart. We all have secrets, but to write them down is crazy. What if a wife died suddenly and the family found it?”

On the same message board, someone else makes the point that is closest to what I believe too:

“We all have the right to our on private thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams”.

I keep a diary and I find that the act of writing it all out helps me to clarify my feelings and work things out on paper. It is useful for me to look back on old entries and see the same patterns emerging – the same arguments. Often it serves as a wake up call – that here is an issue we keep coming up against or here is a pattern we keep repeating.

The final bit of advice for a potential wife’s diary reader comes from another message board advising the husband to read his wife’s diary by all means but “only after consulting with an attorney……Make sure your affairs are in order,’cuz she’s gonna kill ya…”


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  1. I too keep a diary and believe it helps avoid many arguments with my DH if I can vent in writing – I would hate for him to find it though….

  2. Yeah, I read my wifes diary – now ex-wifes diary, thank God – after I found out that she was still seeing another man when we started dating. Even though our relationship started out as a long distance relationship, I still felt that this was a complete betrayal, as we spent hours each night talking and laughing and sharing our secrets and fantasies with one another. As a result, in the span of a few months I felt that we had become very close – closer then online aquintances – and since we eventually got married I think she felt the same way. But when I found out after we were married I felt that this person was now someone I really didn’t know. How could she hurt and toy with peoples feeling like that? After I while I discovered that was just the way she is, their was nothing genuine about her. I am glad I read her diary. Some might say that I am a horrible person for doing it and that two wrongs doesn’t make a right, but in responce I will say this: she cheated on me and I had every right to know regardless of whether or not I had to violate her privacy to do it. she violate so many husband-wife bounders that I don’t feel the least bit guilty. The sad thing is, I know she doesn’t feel the least bit guilty, either.

    I guess it is a sad world we live in that husbands or wives feel like they have to have a diary to keep their secrets in. Everybody has secrets, including me, but I have none that I would feel that I would have to keep so secret that it would destroy a marriage if they were ever discovered. For example, I leave me email logged in when I am at work or going to the store, because the girlfriend that I am with now, if she wants to see my email, go ahead, I have nothing to hide.

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