Treating bites and stings



It’s great to see the countryside come alive with the birds feeding their young and to hear the drone of the bees buzzing from flower to flower. I nearly received my first sting though from one of these bees and it got me thinking about natural remedies for bee and wasp stings.

If you receive a bee sting, you can scrape it away with just your fingertip or a store or credit card you may have to hand. The idea is that as long as the sting remains in your skin, the longer the poison is pumping in there. Don’t use a tweezers as this just pushes the sting further in.

As soon as you have the sting out, soak the affected area in vinegar or a solution of one teaspoon bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water. Make sure it is a bee sting. Bee stings are acidic so need an alkaline solution – you could try remembering bee for bicarbonate as a handy reminder. Wasp stings on the other hand are acidic so need an alkaline solution. Dip a cotton wool ball into the solution and tape it to the affected area.

To ease that dreadful itch that comes from mosquito bites, try dabbing some tea tree oil on a cotton wool ball and apply to the affected area.


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