Too old for a baby?

Elizabeth Adeney, the 66 year old pregnant mother-to-be

Elizabeth Adeney, the 66 year old pregnant mother-to-be

When is  it too old to have a baby? Just because advances in fertility mean we can push the window of opportunity  so that the 66 year old UK woman, Elizabeth Adeney, who had fertility treatment in the Ukraine and is shortly to give birth to her first baby, does that make it right? There are many that will argue that she may well make a better mother than many of those who conceive child after child and barely drag them. Still this concept of entitlement bothers me, and I say that as someone who struggles with fertility issues myself.

Lesley Garner writing in today’s Telegraph concedes that while “wanting a baby is a primal force…. nature stops wanting to reproduce itself after a certain age and it seems wise to go with it. There are plenty of other things to do with one’s life. A mother in her late sixties may declare that she feels as young as ever but she is fooling herself. With each passing year she is more likely to be surprised by illness or frailty.”

“Money may provide physical comfort and bought-in care, both to parent and child,” she writes ” but it won’t ease the guilt or the resentment that a young person might feel when their life is ruled by an ageing parent. It won’t solve the loneliness of being out of time with your own generation”.

You can read the rest of this article here


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