“Devilish” brain made me do it



When it comes to eating food that is bad for you, my other hand seems to half no sense of self-control. I am not saying I am perfect either, but my self-control seems to kick in far quicker than his – in fact I would have to say he has no sense of self-control especially when it comes to desserts. So he will be delighted with  a report which says that people with bad eating habits have “devilish” brains that prevent them exercising self-control.

Researchers in the US have discovered an “angel” centre in the brain that holds back a “devil” region to stop us giving in to temptation. It allows people to weigh abstract considerations such as “healthiness” against basic desires – for instance, a craving for tasty, rich food.

However, scientists found that the effect is strong in individuals with good self control but less pronounced in the weak-willed. Participants in a conducted research study with strong self control signals were able to balance health and taste and opt for healthier foods. Those whose “angels” did not speak loudly enough chose the tastier foods, regardless of nutritional value.

You can read more here if you are interested.


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