Recession scaremongering


Ok, so we are all in a state of depression over yesterday’s emergency budget,  but I am getting heartily fed up of the media reporting of the country’s recession. In advance of the budget, the Sunday Independent printed  a guide to what “misery” we could expect and it really depressed me. This is one point where husband and I disagree – he can’t get enough of the media reports, whereas I feel it is only adding to our collective sense of depression. So I was delighted to see a letter in the Irish Independent, written by Seamas de Barra which echoed my thoughts exactly.  Here is an extract from it:

“Having lived in  Spain for the last five years, I have come to realise that one of our big obstacles to finding a way out of the economic crisis is the general attitude of the Irish ourselves. We are a very negative people when any sort of national problem arises. Worse still, we like to wallow in the desperation of the terrible circumstance in which we find ourselves…..Spain has been through a similar construction boom to that of Ireland, with many homeowners now in negative equity. However, Spanish people do not talk about it as if it was the end of the world. Eventually things will work themselves out. RTE and in particular George Lee please take note — more objective reporting and less scaremongering please. The Irish people know they have a serious economic problem but they don’t want you to exaggerate and ram it down their throats every night.”




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