From City Girl to Country Wife


Peace and quiet – check! Cows, sheep, horses – check! Rolling hills  – check! Yes, there it all is right outside my country house window – the picture perfect country life. And here I sit looking out at it – a country wife!

I never planned it this way, although sometimes I fantasised about how lovely it would be – to own a house in the country with lots of space, fresh air, peace, quiet – to escape the city. But now that I am presented with the reality, I have to admit it has been a culture shock. The country life shock has been compounded by the country wife shock. Having married suddenly quite unexpectedly a year ago, (my husband having rescued me at the last minute from old age and spinsterhood), marriage has been another culture shock to me. Both states will require some adjusting to!

Many dream of a a life in the country and here I am living it. But is the quiet life all it’s cracked up to be? How easy is it to make the adjustment from city life to country life ?  And from single girl to country wife?  And where DO you find a decent cappucino in the country? Well I am about to find out the answers to all those questions and more….


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